About Us

Jennifer's Violin Studio Student

"The music and friendship of those we serve is the foundation of our progress"

At Jennifer’s Violin Studio, I strive for intellectual excellence. With private lessons, you are guaranteed a 1:1 teacher student ratio. There are strictly, absolutely, no interruptions during lessons. Lessons are arranged with no overlap, so that the student and teacher are never rushed. A timer is used to guarantee that you receive the time you paid for. I maintain impeccable bookkeeping and lesson plans, which are clear and concise in understanding.

Clients receive a copy of their contracts and receipts are always provided for purchases. Each lesson ends with a progress report/practice assignment. Students are encouraged to ask questions and express difficulties. I am a firm believer of positive encouragement. My teaching exceeds beyond a lesson. I will assist students via phone or in person at any time when asked. I have reasonable costs so everyone can have the privilege of private lessons. Bartering of services are prohibited, my rates reflect the high quality of services provided. I will search for the best bargains in superior supplies on behalf of my students. I treat all with professional and personal respect. You will find that clients are considered family. I am willing to accommodate personal and financial hardships including injuries. Teaching plans can be arranged to accomadate special needs and interests by request, provided they meet contract stipulations. I can teach at your home or at my studio. I am a Christian with respect and interests in all cultures and denominations.

Jennifer’s Violin Studio gives performances at little to no costs because I believe same provides an opportunity to sample the musical attributes of the student as well as the teacher. For the students, it is a learning mechanism of performing and a means of displaying all their hard work.