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At Jennifer’s Violin Studio you will receive quality. I learned how to play the violin in the third grade in the public school system. I participated in orchestras, ensembles, symphonies, and chambers subsequently performing in concerts, contests, and social events. It wasn’t until I went to college at Campbell University and studied privately with a professor that I noticed that I had endured a defective, sub-standard education. When you’re in a class of 30 or more musicians the basics are often overlooked, resulting in a lack of music theory. I wasn’t holding my violin properly, which resulted in incorrect posture and constant discomfort. Having been a student myself I realized what I was missing educationally through the general classroom setting. My education and experience is acumen to my teaching. I want all to experience music, appropriately, at its finest. Moreover, lessons at Jennifer’s Violin Studio provide an opportunity to know firsthand the proper posture for violin playing, music theory, as well as the instructor’s undivided attention. The basic fundamentals to learn, play, and grow sufficiently. No one will be intellectually deprived nor left behind.

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